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Picture: April 2008 - Jo Smith

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DOB: 26 October 2006

Sire: UK Ch Bozwood Just William

Dam: Bondor French Kiss to Bozwood


 Bozwood's Love Story at Numa, also known as Gladys.

Bred by Terry and Shirley Carr (Bozwood).

Many, Many thanks to them for our lovely Gladys.

Gladys is a true heart hound.  She has so much love for us, and it is truly unconditional and never it wanes.  She loves nothing more than to be with us, and wherever we are at home, she is there.  You might do some pruning in the garden, and be out there for eight hours; Gladys will be there too.  She won't get bored and slope off.  If one of us is cooking in the kitchen, again, she will be there for the duration.

Gladys has taken up boundary patrol duties where Bunty left off.  She protects the garden, the house and the road that we live in.  Everyone gets barked at, but her tail is always wagging!  Even when she is upside down and supposedly asleep, if you come into the room her tail starts going!  Gladys is not fond of showing, but has, thus far, successfully qualified for Crufts 2008 under Claire Millward at Bath 2007 in very wet and muddy circumstances and been consistently placed in the top three at the shows she has attended.

She is a very elegant hound, and has a beautiful coat, which always looks stunning - even when she's upside down.  She is very feminine, but is not averse to a rough and tumble.  She hates cats and heaven help one that strays our way.  When young, she chased and caught birds in the garden, much to David's horror, but she now is content just to stalk and occasionally chase them.

She loves everyone who comes to see us at the house, and will nearly turn herself inside out when Terry and Shirley arrive.  Currently, she is delighted to not be the baby of the pack any more, and absolutely adores Roxy (Gilari Devil In Disguise with Numa Bozwood JW).

x X x

Picture: February 2007 - Brian Hillier


Picture: May 2007 - Brian Hillier

Gladys at SAC September 2008

Photo: Brian Hillier 2008








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